About us

My name is Jenifer and I created DelAndes in Summer 2018. Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, in 2014 I moved to the United Kingdom to specialise and improve my English. As well as being a proud Colombian, I am a lover of my new home in Shrewsbury, England and, alongside help from my family back in Colombia, I aim to combine the two unique cultures through the offering of the products appearing on this website.

Jenifer rancheria

The dream contained within DelAndes is to inject a bit of color into the world meanwhile the artisanal work of Wayuu natives from my home country is supported. It is important that sustainability is ensured whilst their traditions are maintained. It is for this reason that every product on this website is 100% hand-made authentic Wayuu. No two products are the same and you can be confident in the belief that you will receive a high quality and unique Wayuu product whilst supporting the community.

We have the upmost confidence in the products that you will find here. Many will last a lifetime and all contain a combination of colours and patterns influenced by the individual maker. Everything you see is produced by the Wayuu communities in the north of Colombia and contains the expertise passed down through generations.

We welcome all feedback and suggestions but please spend some time to look at the products and appreciate the intricacy and expertise contained within each design.”